Modirific’s New Website

01 Aug Modirific’s New Website

Hello! We are Modirific and this is Modirific’s new website. You may be asking why such an elaborate affair for Interspire shopping cart development? So, Interspire built an unbelievably user-friendly, self-hosted shopping cart and after 5 years of development the company decided to move exclusively into the hosted cart space. I won’t be getting into the details of Big Commerce, but I will tell you — as you’re probably well aware already — that established, successful online stores need a system they can bend and mold to their unique custom needs for their online business. After Interspire’s move to SAAS, there are still thousands of online stores that are running their version of Interspire Shopping Cart.

This is where Modirific fits in.

The Web is changing at a fast pace. We’re here to help your investment stay current. We’re here to support your business as the Web evolves. Modirific has fine-tuned some really needed Interspire addons, extensions, modifications, and modules. We’ve invested thousands of hours of work building tools to help automate your online business. We’re sure you’re going to love the time-savings and the ability to do more with your online Interspire store. Feel free to get in touch with us. Let us know what you need and we’ll deliver.

Coded in the USA, Modirific.

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